Update (bis)

I’ve just made avaiable a new version of my backup monitoring scripts. This scripts will remind you regularly that your data needs to be backed up (default one month after the latest backup) and also help you in doing so (requiring very few intervention on your behalf except maybe two or three clicks at most).

I’ve also updated the Ephyblog plugin to Epiphany so that they work after the API change that happened in version 2.22.

Backup Monitor

  • a lot more doc is provided in the archive to explain how to install and use it.
  • it now uses xdg-utils to find the important folder like Music,Documents,Pictures and Videos
  • it is internationalised using python gettext module (texts are ok for en and fr but contribution are welcome for other languages).


I’ve rewritten the new version based on the changes that had been perfomed on Ross Burton’s EphyDeli. I also had to take into account the API change of version 2.22 of Epiphany like the differences you can see in the following code snippets (one worked on <2.22, the other works fo 2.22):

# pre 2.22
embed = window.get_active_embed()
sitetitle = embed.get_title()
# post 2.22
embed = window.get_active_child()
sitetitle = embed.get_properties("title")[0]