Living with WaterOnMars

I’ve been using wateronmars on a daily basis for approx. 3 weeks now and here are my first impressions:

  • Christmas time is the worst possible time period when to test a news reader (most of the feeds I’m subscribed to where on a break then)
  • considering a beta test period before bragging about one’s software is a must (the last two big shameful bugs were detected and corrected during the first week)
  • it’s really great to use a news reader again ! (I stopped trying other readers after the shutdown of Google reader)

WaterOnMarsMobileApart from that wateronmars has improved a little with some bug fixing and some speed optimization but most of all I’ve added a new way to display the sieve that is specific to mobile devices. It can be seen on the demo site (and even without a mobile device by selecting the “carousel” view).

By customizing a little Twitter Bootstrap‘s carousel  and pluging in the TouchSwipe-Jquery-Plugin library it was relatively easy to handle a”(touch) swipe”.

So we can now go through the news as with a pysical newspaper, and it’s become my main way to use wateronmars :)

  • Marcus

    I had a quick look at the demo and it looks interesting, so I took a quick peek at the source and this was the first thing I noticed: No instructions on how to get it up and running or any other useful documentation whatsoever.
    This is the sort of thing that makes me wander why developers even bother publishing their software when they clearly don’t want to make it easy for other to use it.
    Hope you reconsider this position.

  • I’m glad you had a look at this project but I’m pretty sure there are nicer ways to ask for support :)

    Of course I guess you already noticed that in the doc/setup_history.log I’ve kept a log of all commands necessary to set this up locally, on heroku and on dreamhost.

    So obviously what you wanted to say is certainly not so much that I didn’t put any “useful documentation or whatsoever” but that I didn’t took more of my free/leisure time to re-format and publish a nice documentation.

    Which I admit is true, and may come over time, but certainly not following such bad tempered request.

    Last but not least I think you jumped too quickly to a wrong conclusion which needs to look a little bit deeper:

    – I used well know platforms and technology (like python, django, pip’s requirements.txt) in order to make it easy for me and other users to set up this project => I am deeply concerned with ease of settings this up, if only because in two months I’ll have forgotten all about the way things were set up initally

    – I kept a log (as explained above) wich is not the best documentation on earth, but clearly much better and more useful than nothing

    – this is a free software developped as a hobby. I’d clearly welcome and help any good willing contributor to improve it

    – it’s by no way in a finished state, documentation, code and functionality can be expected to improve over time.

    This last point byt the way is the reason why I bothered publishing my *free* software.

    Which makes me wonder why some people are so quick at bashing other’s project.

    Hope you reconsider this position.