Minor release for Yapsy 1.10.423

yapsyI’ve just released a minor version of Yapsy, a small python library for plugin management.

Not a big deal actually, just a few adjustments to take into account the feedback from developers of the Nikola project where yapsy is used as a support for the application’s modular structure.

I also took from them the idea of registering yapsy to coveralls.io which motivated me to add some unit-test just to get the green badge reserved for a test coverage higher than 90%.

  • Grazfather x

    Hi there, I use your python module and I have a problem with it. Instead of having a flat hierarchy of subtypes of IPlugin I have a tree that is a few levels deep. The problem with this is that if I, for example, have class A(IPlugin) and then class B(A), both interfaces, and then class C(B) which is the implementation, when the module is loaded and the default category is checked against, ‘B’ is considered a legal plugin because it’s a subtype of IPlugin and isn’t an IPlugin. Because, in my case, B comes before C in dir(module), then the B module is instantiated. Maybe Yapsy should look in the module for a class with a name matching the module name? I noticed, for example, if I import the module B ‘as z’ it comes later in dir() and I don’t run into this issue.