Who am I ?

My name’s Thibauld Nion, and I live in Paris, France. This is my personnal website, welcome !

Everyday life and hobbies

I like listening a wide range of music styles but I always tend to “walk around” hip-hop and jazz. I quite like urban landscapes in Paris and in the rest of the world… but other landscapes are fine too, and I’m keen on taking photos of one or the other. As for the rest of the story, I don’t intent to disclose more than what’s already on this blog — which is already quite a lot more than one would typically be interested in !

At work

I’m interested in applied maths and more specifically to image processing and probabilities that make it possible to study complex systems in biology and physics for instance1 .

From time to time, I’m also peering into software development to try to understand how to design a software in order to make it actually usable and useful to its users.

Contact me

You can send me a message through  this form.

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  1. ok, that’s quite specific, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in anything else ;) []