MathJax, the new cool for mathematical display on the web

While the MathML standard still struggle to get a decent adoption, MathJax, an open-source JavaScript library, seems to have made its way to a de facto standard for maths display on the web.

MathJax allows writing equations directly in LaTeX or in MathML and renders them either in MathML in browser that supports it or with more common elements of HTML and CSS.

It is used notably by the CERN, several sites of StackExchange, and friends. It’s also supported by the AMS and the IEEE.

What’s more this is somehow the successor of jsMath that I was using for my little experiment in literate programming. And since Sphinx now has a plugin for it, I’ve just updated my literate musing pages (refreshing the theme at the same time to a get a lighter and hopefully more readable display).

publication (noun): The act of publishing printed or other matter

A quick post to celebrate the online availability of my PhD thesis !

Whatever its (lame) scientific significance, this will remain the very first book I’ve ever written, and, what’s more one that took me 3 years of hard work to gather its content.

After waiting 3 more years for it to come out the “confidential” closet in which it had been put, this is afterall a nice occasion to rejoice.

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Cernuschi museum transforms into a zoo !

This week-end I went to visit the Cernuschi museum (Paris) and discovered that they offered a new way to walk through their permanent collections, suggesting visitors to pay more attentions to the representations of animals on all kind of objects coming from historical China.

That was a good way to re-discover the museum as well as some objects and painting that are usually keept in the museum’s reserve.

A recommended visit, so much so that I will surely go back there a couple of times in the weeks to come.