Backup for a personal website: Hello BackupMonitor !

In the previous post I explained why BackupMonitor has become obsolete on my Ubuntu desktop where DejaDup solves the backup problem.

However there’s still one backup problem that I hadn’t automatized yet: backing up my website !

You’ll tell me that this kind of backup can certainly be handled (usually with an additional fee) by my hosting provider, and that is actually quite right ! However, I still fancy the idea to have my data at home – physically – and doing that doesn’t exclude other backup solutions anyway (the more, the better).

So I’m going to explain how I set up this kind of backup.

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Abandoning one of my pet projects: Goodbye BackupMonitor

Since Ubuntu integrated DejaDup  as a default backup tool for users’ data, I’ve stopped using BackupMonitor, my miniature framework for personal backups.

Just to sum things up, and also because BackupMonitor still has some features that IMHO are missing to DejaDup, here is a quick comparison of both applications.

The common stuff first, DejaDup and BackupMonitor are both aimed at making copies of personal data, regularly.

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BackupMonitor: important bugfix

Icône de Backup Monitor

A nasty bug found its way in the latest release of BackupMonitor which caused the program to suddenly exit when something went wrong during the execution of one of the backup script.

The bug has been corrected  (a problem with threads and a method call that should have been asynchronous) and the “correct” behaviour is back: when something goes wrong an error log is displayed and the program “hiberantes” until the user wakes it up.

The updated version can be downloaded from the project’s page.

BackupMonitor: improvements

Icône de Backup Monitor

A new version of backup-monitor has been released including:

  • bugfix for when the locale is not defined, or when playing a little with the script’s command line options
  • refactoring of the GUI to give the user more feedback and to give more hints on where to click (GUI inspired by Ubuntu’s update-manager)
  • using OptionParser to ease the command line handling
  • change in licence: for the GUI changes I’ve look and taken ideas from many GPL project, so it’s just fair (if not plain compulsory) to release this new version under GPLv3.

Most of these modification were motivated by the first feedbacks I got from a friend, thanks to him then ;)

For more info and download, please go here.