• rharding

    Very cool to see your wateronmars project. I’ll have to run through it some. I’ve often thought of trying to build some sort of rss/news side to Bookie (bmark.us) but there’s hardly the time to work on the bookmark side much less combine things up at this point.

  • Hey thanks for the heads up. I’ve just checked Bookie and it looks very nice. You’ve certainly dug much deeper than I did in terms of features.

    Typically for wateronmars I was eager to make the feed reading and bookmarking work at a basic level and reach a « bearable » UX. But I still lack the android app and browser extensions that exists for bookie !

    And by the way, about Bookie have you considered « mixing » the search result of Bookie with an external search engine (google, duckduckgo etc). This is something that I really miss to make use of my bookmarks…

  • rharding

    I’ve not really considered mixing search engine results. It started out more of a delicious clone with features I found missing (storing the content of web pages, fulltext search, mobile friendly UI).

    One of the things I would like to do is help find relevant bookmarks to the one you might be looking at. Say you’re looking at your own bookmark on django, it might suggest other bookmarks related to django from other users. The idea of some sort of search results as a supplement to that might be interesting to non-superficial tag or searches.

    With search built into the browser the way it is, I’m not sure I’d use Bookie as a front door to it. The RSS side definitely has appeal though. Bookmarks are then almost just a history or store of the ‘good’ items from your rss feeds.

    As for the clients and such, it’s taken years to get things where they are and the android client work needs a lot of love before it’s all that useful. That said, user uptick was noticeable when I managed to get the Firefox extension out there. It’s pretty useful.